Growing Use of Adult DVDs by Couples

A recent report by a British sex shop has revealed some interesting developments in the sex lives of couples. It seems that contrary to popular belief, a significant percentage of porn buyers are no longer the stereotypical single male around which the adult market has traditionally revolved.

The demand for couple friendly adult DVDs is growing with quickening pace as increasing numbers of people in long term relationships are spicing up their love lives with some adult entertainment. The use of pornography is something that is not widely talked about in every day conversation and even though it is often said that porn is becoming more mainstream every year, its still not a topic you tend to discuss with friends at social gatherings. However, if you did and were at a party consisting of 20 couples, statistically two of those couples would be regular users of porn in some form or another.

Couples Adult DVDs

Recent data suggests that around 10% of married/de facto couples under 50 years of age regularly watch adult DVDs together which amounts to a huge number country wide. Many casual observers may be surprised or even shocked by this figure but the truth is that a significant number of adult industry commentators have been watching the growth of this type of material for some years. There are a number of different influences affecting this growth in acceptance of erotica as a legitimate form of sexual expression within long term relationships but the largest single factor is the rise of the Internet as a sales channel for adult films.

Before this comfortable, non threatening home shopping environment brought all kinds of hardcore films to our homes with the click of a mouse, adult shopping was a very different experience. The rather tired stereotypical image of seedy sex shops with even seedier (male) customers was something that was simply not approachable for women. The atmosphere was too threatening and unpleasant so even if women were interested in watching erotic films, they would be very unlikely to actually become involved in their purchase. This had an alienating effect because if they wanted to share some porn with their partners, they had to effectively send them alone into this unsavoury environment to buy the films and this in itself had some negative associations.

Now that there is the option to purchase securely and safely via the Internet, women are becoming much more actively involved in purchasing XXX DVDs and view this new found freedom as part of the erotic interplay such movies generate between themselves and their partners. They also report that this ability to participate in what was formally a male orientated domain carries an element of sexual excitement in itself and women feel at once adventurous and empowered by having the freedom to buy porn.

For an industry that receives much negative publicity, it seems that significant numbers of normal, average couples are enjoying erotic benefits from the use of adult DVDs and it really is difficult to find any reason why this is wrong. Personally we think its wonderful - long may it continue!