Big Budget Adult DVDs on the Rise

Fuelled by increasing demand from couples and women, the porn industry has realised that not only do these more discerning porn buyers want a piece of the action - they're prepared to pay for it. As studios scramble to reinvent themselves, long gone are the cardboard sets, funky soundtracks and starlets with big boobs and bigger hair - the modern plot based adult DVD is a very different animal.

Until relatively recently there was simply no incentive for the adult studios to raise production values and dedicate big budgets to their films. For a start the porn market was simply not large enough to sell sufficient copies of films to recoup the investment but more Pirates - big budget blockbusterimportantly than that, virtually all the customers were males who were interested in the sex not the set or the scenery and would not pay top notch prices for top shelf material. This all started to change as the Internet brought a more female friendly method of buying adult DVDs compared to that of the traditional sex shop. For the first time this really allowed women to pursue an interest in porn and with this new audience came the need for some eye candy that extended beyond the curves of the leading lady.

The absolute ground breaker was the 2005 multiple award winning hit Pirates that was reported to have a budget of over US$1,000,000. With endlessly exotic locations, exceptionally high production values and crammed full of special effects, this film really did break the mould and the adult industry has never looked back. First released as a three disk set, this movie retailed for a record US$70 and sold in its thousands. Even a few years earlier such a price tag for an adult DVD would have been unthinkable but with no prospect of general cinematic release, the route of going "straight to video" (the oft used code phrase for a Hollywood flop) was the only option so porn fans simply had to pay for the pleasure of owning this epic production.

There have been many films since Pirates that have had very large budgets and retail price tags but it is the change in thinking it brought about that has had the more long lasting impact. Adult film directors and producers have realized that even if you're making a simple standard XXX DVD without exotic locations and special effects, it really doesn't cost any more money to make it look expensive. Affordable, high quality video equipment has brought professional standards within reach of even the smallest adult studio and the increasing mainstreaming and acceptability of porn has attracted fresh cinematic talent with an eye for more than just the sex.

Of course the standard low quality fare is still available at budget prices for those who want it but we think the increasing quality available within the adult industry is very positive. Not only is it to be encouraged from the consumer perspective, it also helps raise the industry's general image in a wider sense which is something the adult world should never stop working on.