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Evil Angel

This is not a studio for the feint hearted with some fairly rough action in movies that often follow the theme of male domination - certainly not to everyone's taste but Evil Angel has a strong fan base and has been around for many years. In keeping with the theme, this studio, somewhat unusually, has a good number of films that are sold on the strength of the male porn star rather than the female being used as the selling point as is usually the case. In reality there are very few male stars who can command such attention and one of the best, the legendary Rocco Siffredi, has many films directed by him and released through Evil Angel. Top of these are his POV series and the very long running Animal Trainer series, which as noted above, forms part of the male domination theme.

Its not all rough and tumble though and Evil Angel also caters for lovers of other evergreen porn interests with particular emphasis on the large breast and anal genres. Again, both of these niches have many long running series that are now into their 20th exhausting incarnation or beyond in some cases. Rocco is also well represented here with his series Rocco's True Anal Stories and although they follow a similar theme, these DVDs do somehow manage to remain fresh, partly because Evil Angel has always managed a good balance between using well established female porn stars and newer, lesser known talent.

A lot of people are not too keen on Evil Angel as they believe many of their DVDs are misogynistic and to be totally honest, they do have a point but it is not fair to tar all of their films with the same brush as this studio has found many fans who simply like their porn to be real no nonsense hardcore, with no pretence and very high quality female stars. Discerning fans also enjoy the excellent production values and nice extras such as quality compilations and two disc sets.

Although not to everyone's taste, Evil Angel gets the thumbs up as its output is among the highest standard in the industry but be careful what you select if you don't like the rough stuff.