Private Life Of Cindy Dollar
From Private


Private really is one of the heavyweights of the adult industry and has been for a very long time - since 1965 in fact. Think of them as the porn equivalent of Ford or Microsoft and you'll get an idea just how much influence this label has on the adult world.

As you would expect from such a strong studio, there is an abundance of everything on offer ranging from standard have a go at anything mainstream stuff to some surprisingly niche orientated material that is often overlooked by many of the larger studios. However, when most people think of Private, the first thing that comes to mind is their heavy involvement with some of the biggest female stars in the porn industry. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than with the long running "Private Life Of" series that features an endless line up of both flavour of the month stars and classic favourites.

Each instalment in this series focuses on the individual porn star but all of the films are unique and follow different themes which seem to be driven by the preferences of the star herself. The nice touch about this range is that there is always something more than just the film and Private round out a nice package by offering such extras as behind the scenes footage or candid interviews with the porn star. This is something we think really elevates these films above the average offering as it gives an opportunity to get to see a little of what goes on behind the camera and brings a human face to the sex.

Private is one of the most classic of all the big studios and their DVDs are full of professionalism and flair without being too glossy and overproduced as can sometimes be the case from the mainstream labels. Its difficult to go wrong with anything from Private, so just pick your favourite star or genre and off you go!